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Application for KB Tenacious, LLC

At KB Tenacious we have a strict hiring process to help ensure that our employees are of high quality. This includes and is not limited to: 

1. A negative drug test result.

2. Three positive references from a manager of a location where the applicant has worked for a consecutive year.

3. Provide a copy of their valid driver’s license and insurance to operate a motor vehicle.

4. It is beneficial to have previous experience in the position for which you are applying. But this is not required.

5. Completion of an introductory interview.

6. Completion of a criminal and financial background check.

7. Proof of or willingness to obtain proper licenses for the position within 30 days.

8. Willingness and ability to obtain CPR, Basic Life Support, defensive driving certification, or other certifications depending on types of cases assigned.

Pay at base level starts at $18-$21/hr (DOE). Full or part time hours are not guaranteed and depend on case load. Currently no management positions are available.

For the application, Under "insurance and licenses" we require the minimum of a valid drivers license, a copy of current auto insurance and, if applicable, your professional licenses. Please also include your resume with references. Please feel free to provide any other documents you feel are needed.

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