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Application with KB Tenacious, LLC Process Server
Sub-contractor only

Thank you for your interest in KB Tenacious, LLC process server position as a sub-contractor.


The Subcontractor agrees to provide:

  1. A negative drug test result.

  2. A positive reference from a manager of a location where the Subcontractor has worked for a consecutive year.

  3. Provide a copy of their valid driver’s license and insurance to operate a motor vehicle.

  4. Reliable transportation for process of service

  5. Proof of previous experience as a process server (if applicable)

  6. Completion of an intro interview for subcontractors

  7. Completion of a criminal background check approved and paid for by the company.

  8. Proof of a process server license for the county in which they will perform services and any other necessary licenses to comply with federal, state and local laws.

  9. Signed Sub-contractor agreement. A sample copy can be found blow.

  10. Must be over the age of 18.

Some benefits to sub-contracting with KB Tenacious, LLC.

  1. Your schedule is your own aside from requirements set forth in the agreement.

  2. Access to a server order management program with client portal integration. Tracking orders, details and other information including an option to create a route based on orders and their location all accessible by your phone.

  3. Clients are required to prepay to prevent non-payment situations.

  4. Access to KB Tenacious ability to skip trace and can market this as a service to clients. A bonus is included for referrals.

  5. KB Tenacious handles high risk service and still pays you a portion of the order.

  6. KB Tenacious handles customer complaints and manages refunds in the event of an issue.

  7. KB Tenacious offers bonuses if a client is referred to our investigative services.

  8. Sub-contractors that outgrow their ability to manage clients may be hired full time by KB Tenacious, benefits and perks included (pending hiring status of KB Tenacious).

  9. Discounts on services provided by KB Tenacious, LLC.

  10. KB Tenacious make a point of paying contractors higher than other local companies for completed orders.


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