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 FAQ for Process Serving

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Welcome to the KB Tenacious, LLC Process Serving FAQ Page! Here, we aim to provide clear and concise answers to your most common questions about process serving. Whether you're a legal professional, an individual involved in a legal matter, or simply curious about the process serving industry, we've got you covered. Our experienced team at KB Tenacious, LLC is dedicated to ensuring that legal documents are delivered accurately and efficiently. Read on to discover everything you need to know about process serving and how KB Tenacious, LLC can assist you.

[ What makes KB Tenacious, LLC different? ]

We often hear the question, "what sets you apart?" It's a question that deserves a thoughtful response because our approach to process serving is unique.


Many other companies can provide similar years of experience. However, what sets us apart is our commitment to the service process. We share your desire to see the person served, although our motivations may differ slightly. Our common goal is clear: we aim to ensure that the defendant understands their rights under the 14th Amendment. We want them to willingly accept the legal documents, allowing due process to unfold and your case to move forward seamlessly.

When we miss defendants at their residences, we take proactive steps. We provide them with an informative door tag that explains their rights and emphasizes the importance of accepting legal documents.


Our commitment to efficiency is unrestricted. Need the order posted? Consider it done. Is the defendant only available at a specific time, say 3:52 PM on the following Saturday? Let us handle that; we'll promptly mark it on our calendar.

We can't guarantee service will be successful, but we promise to do everything possible to help you. As a small business, we rely on you, our customer, just as much as you depend on us.


[ What if the defendant is avoiding service? ]

This situation unfortunately occurs quite frequently. Some defendants may not fully understand their rights or be reluctant to accept legal documents, believing it will hinder your case. However, rest assured we have strategies in place to address this challenge.

We specialize in various forms of alternative service. For instance, if you can provide a photo, we can employ a method known as "Drop Service," where we leave the documents at the defendant's location when they've been spotted, and there are no physical barriers between the server and the defendant. Alternatively, we can affix the documents to the door of their residence or send them via certified mail. Your options are diverse.

While we are here to assist, we strongly recommend that if you're not an attorney, you consider consulting one for guidance on the most suitable and legally approved forms of alternative service tailored to your specific case. Your peace of mind is essential to us.

[ Do you handle high-risk services? ]

High-risk services are when the plaintiff or others believe the defendant may be hostile or unwelcoming to receiving legal documents. This is common in unlawful detainers and protective orders but can be present in any court case.

We can assist in this. Every process server involved in these cases has experience in de-escalating stressful situations, the ability to use verbal judo, and some form of self-defense training. Our process servers assigned to these cases come from diverse backgrounds of bounty hunting, law enforcement, security, etc. They are sent fully prepared to handle a hostile situation if it were to arise.


We appreciate full transparency from customers in informing us of possible hostile defendants to best protect our servers, as their safety is our absolute first priority.

[ Can your process server dress up as the pizza guy? ]


Our process servers have to be transparent about their intentions. But that does not mean they won't be tenacious about the attempts!


Generally, our servers start the conversation as they have a delivery, package, or documents for the defendant. When asked what they are, the process server must say they are legal documents. For privacy reasons, they do not share any details about the papers and their contents, other than they are legal papers.

[ Can you photograph or video the defendant? ]


No, we have to respect an individual's reasonable expectation of privacy. As we are serving at someone's front door most of the time, we have a general policy of no photos of the defendant. We take a photo of the address to assist in transparency, showing we are at the address, and we take pictures of the license plates of cars to assist in proving residency.

As for video, there are specific laws in WA State that prevent audio recordings, and for non-audio, we still must respect the individual's reasonable expectation of privacy.

[ Can you have the defendant sign the affidavit? ]


Unfortunately, process servers do not collect signatures.

[ The address that I had is no longer valid. What are my next steps? ]

We generally can assist you in getting a new address. We do skip tracing! However, an attorney must request these services.

[ How many times will you attempt? ]


We will attempt up to 5 times for your order or until due diligence is complete.


For us, due diligence means attempting throughout the day randomly, focusing primarily on times the defendant will likely be home. We make detailed reports, including if we hear voices, what cars are on-site, and any evidence that the building may be abandoned. We attempt weekdays and weekends until either all attempts have been exhausted, your service documents have expired, there is reason to believe that the defendant does not reside at the location, the server is not able to make attempts due to a physical barrier (like a locked gate), or the area is too hostile for process servers (including our high-risk team) to attempt.

For a situation deemed too hostile to be attempted, we will provide a detailed affidavit and refer you to law enforcement. You will also be fully refunded.

[ How do you charge? ]


We charge per address, defendant being served, per case, and per proof needed. We do require prepayment before service begins. Payment can be made on our process serving site

For example, one defendant under one case with one proof would be one charge. If two people lived at the address, it would be two charges as two proofs would be needed.

We do not double charge on marital community cases.

[ How fast do you make attempts? ]


Our servers must attempt every 48-72 hours and within five business days of placing your order. RUSH services are available, if needed.

[ Do you offer discounts? ]


We do if you have a large expected number of monthly orders or a sudden high number of cases. Call us for more information; we would be happy to assist.

[ When do I pay? ]

Our orders require prepayment. If you work for a company that needs other accommodations, please reach out, and we can work out other payment methods. 

[ Where do you serve? ]


We currently only serve in Skagit County, WA. But we are expanding and can make exceptions for surrounding locations. We will accommodate you as much as we can!

[ What times are your servers available? ]

Our servers can serve between 8 AM and 9 PM PST, Mon-Sun. This is different from our regular business hours. We serve during these times as part of our company policy. Accommodations can be made to meet a defendant outside of these times if needed.

[ What kind of alternative services do you offer? ]

Our servers can do alternative services like sub-service, drop service, and posting. If you have a specific method for your case, please leave notes when placing the order, and our servers will accommodate it to the best of our abilities. PHOTOS are ALWAYS helpful.

[ What is your refund policy? ]

If we have not attempted, a full refund can be offered. If attempts have been made, then partial to full refunds can be made on a case-by-case basis. If you feel a refund is needed, please reach out.

Automatic full refunds take place if:

1. A refund is requested before service attempts.

2. The location has been found too hostile to attempt.

3. The server is unable, by fault of the server or KB Tenacious, LLC, to complete your order even if attempts have been started.

Please note that although we will process your refund immediately, it can generally take 3-5 business days to show in your account. This is based on your bank and is out of our control. If you have questions, we recommend contacting your bank first and then reaching out to us if it cannot be resolved. 

[ What if my question is not listed here? ]

If you have any questions at all and want more information, please reach out to us. Our team is always happy to help as much as we can! We love emails as they allow us to provide you with a well-written response to your question. But calls are always welcome!

[ I want to work with you, how do I apply?]

First, we'd love to hear from you! Give us a call and chat with our friendly team to find out about our current openings. If we're looking for someone with your skills, we'll guide you to our application information, located by the button below.

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